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Data Entry Quality

VSE InfoServe is the master in providing Quality Data Entry. Our Quality Control department is the backbone of VSE Computers. We have a team of experienced and well qualified Quality Analysts and Data Entry Auditors. A final look on the finished work will be done before being delivered to the client to ensure the higher level of quality standard according to all the suggestions and specifications provided.
We work to get you the highest quality as per your requirement. We follow a standard procedure to ensure that your projects are completed on time and without any compromise with Accurate Quality in work.
After receiving the work assignment, our project managers analyse carefully the instructions and the other details provided by the client. After that they make the instructions some what easy so that the Data Entry Operators can understand it easily and avoid any misunderstanding. After that proper training will be held with sample to ensure that each operator has understood the specifications properly.
After that, the job is divided into batches and each batch is given with Specification Instruction files prepared by our Project Managers. and after the operators job ended, our quality control department recheck all the entered data for final procedure.
Final output can be delivered through:
  • Floppy Disk
  • Internet Electronic Mail
  • Compact Disk
  • Digital Versatile Disk
 VSE can deliver the final output data files in the output formats as requred by clients. During this whole procedure clients data will be kept fully confidential and secured as data security is very important for each organization.