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Data Entry Format

VSE provides each and every format of data which is required by the client. because Format of data is also play a very important role while handling the data.
Input Formats
You can send us your important data in a wide range of formats including Word processing files, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Print Documents, and Legacy Files. We can manage all industry standard formats.
Output Formats
When it comes to data format, we are flexible. Some of the typical formats in which we can deliver the data are:
 DataBase Format                            Excel Format(*.xls)
Word Format(*.doc)                         Acrobat Portable Document Format(*.pdf) 
Access Format (*.mdb)                     HTML Format
ASCII                                              Binary Or any other type you need
The final output can be provided through any of the following media:            
Via Internet E-mail   FTP Upload    Compact Disk    Digital Versatile Disk
We produce output in whatever format you require, including plain text, database, excel, and mark-up languages like HTML, SGML & XML or any other format that suits your firm.
Feel free to ask queries regarding your important data outsourcing and data entry work. You can contact us at any time for availing our services with better result and comparatively low cost.